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Seeing yourself through other people's eyes

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Over the weekend, I met with someone who has been in the coaching game for 20+ years. I had a couple of questions and thought, he being as #successful as he is, would be able to help. The meet up was casual, but I was pretty stressed. I was worried about what he might say and what he might think about a #newbie like me.

My brain even took it a step further by thinking he might actually be mad that I decided to join the same field. I told myself, maybe I don't belong and maybe this meet up was going to be a total fail.

Of course, the exact opposite happened. The meeting turned out to be amazing, super informative, helpful and FUN. He was encouraging, excited and so welcoming to the fact that I decided to join coaching.

My #ahamoment was at the end of the meeting when we were saying our goodbyes. He said he was super impressed with where I was at and that I was doing exactly what I needed to do.

I was shocked. As he was commending me on a job well done, I saw myself through his eyes for the first time. I saw a person who was consistent, driven, had a plan, and was very well put together. I liked the person he saw, a lot more than the person I had initially seen. So I decided to start seeing myself through his eyes.

#Keytakeaway: Whenever you feel down on yourself and feel like you are not doing enough: Ask someone for their #perspective because a lot of us are lacking in #selfcompassion.

Girls wearing super cute sunglasses and being happy best friends

Seeing yourself through other people's eyes gives you better perspective and that is really nice.

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