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The benefits of flying an incomplete plane - perfectionist beware.

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

“I just fly and build the plane as I go.” - words I wish that I could have said myself. But as a perfectionist, that line is as alien to me as the surface of Mars. I would never dream about flying an incomplete plane. Instead, I must make a perfect plane, before I even think of flying.

This of course includes:

Step 1: #Researching

Step 2: #Planning

Step 3: #Prototyping

Step 4: #Building

Step 5: #Upgrading

Step 6: #Testing

Step 5 (again)

Step 6 (again) and these two steps go for a while.

Until I reach perfect.

Perfect takes a long time to reach (if ever) and by then flying becomes a HUGE NO GO. The time, work and money invested in this plane becomes too precious and I won’t chance the risk of it crashing.

So instead of taking the opportunity to fly and seeing the outcome of all the hard work I put into building my plane, I end up polishing it, putting it in a nice hangar and sometimes visiting. Always thinking of the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘it’s too late nows’.

This time with my coaching journey, I have decided to fly.

I have decided to just go out there and coach. To become a doer. And as I fly, I will build my plane and because it’s not perfect I won’t care if I crash it a couple of times. On the contrary, let it crash. Through mistakes, experiences, trials and errors, my plane will be stronger than ever, and me a more able pilot.

Key takeaway: Don’t perfect your craft before trying it. Instead do the minimum for you to start and go for it. Be a doer and become better through experience. #MVP #minimumviableproduct #coaching #selfimprovement

Two big planes vs a small paper plane


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