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Dear Inner Teenager - Trying New Things

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Oooh, it's Tuesday blog day, and here I am, typing away on my keyboard, feeling like the protagonist of a 2000s movie, ready to share some exciting stuff on the vast world wide web. Remember when blogs were all the rage, and reading actually mattered? Ah, those were the days. So, let's indulge in a little fantasy today and imagine thousands of readers eagerly devouring my words (I wish).

Teenage Bashayer enjoying her old school phone
Listen atleast the phone is pink, on brand.

But hey, let's not get lost in nostalgia just yet. Instead, let's have a chat with our inner teenager. You know, that version of ourselves who was bursting with confidence, brimming with potential, and absolutely convinced that they could conquer the world. So, hello, teen me! I'm here to have a heart-to-heart and help you make those long-held dreams a reality.

Remember all those things you wished you could do as a teenager? The adventures, the skills, the experiences that seemed like distant dreams? Well, guess what? It's never too late to make them happen! Here are a few tips and tricks to guide you on your journey of trying new things and embracing those desires you've held onto for so long.

Bashayer Al Issa as a teenager, the motivating coach talking to her inner teenager and telling her to try new thingd
Why does this feel so high school muscial.

  1. Embrace Fearlessness: As a teenager, fear didn't hold you back. You jumped headfirst into new experiences without hesitation. So, channel that fearlessness once again. Step out of your comfort zone and try something that excites you, even if it feels a little scary. Trust me, you've got this!

  2. Start Small: Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were your dreams. Break them down into smaller, achievable steps. Want to learn to play the guitar? Start by enrolling in a beginner's class or finding online tutorials. Take it one chord at a time, and before you know it, you'll be strumming away like a rockstar.

  3. Seek Support: Don't be afraid to ask for help along the way. Reach out to friends, family, or even online communities who share your interests. Join a club, attend workshops, or find a mentor who can guide you through the process. Surround yourself with like-minded people who can cheer you on and offer valuable insights.

  4. Embrace Failure: Remember that failure is not the end of the world; it's merely a stepping stone to success. Don't let setbacks discourage you. Learn from your mistakes, adapt, and keep pushing forward. Embracing failure as a learning opportunity will only make you stronger and more resilient.

  5. Carve Out Time: Life can be busy, and it's easy to let our dreams slip through the cracks. But if you're truly committed to trying new things, you have to make them a priority. Carve out dedicated time in your schedule to pursue your passions. Treat it as an investment in yourself and your happiness.

So, dear inner teen, let's bring back that confidence, that zest for life, and that unyielding belief in your abilities. It's time to turn those "could have beens" into "I did it!" moments. No more waiting around, wondering what could have been. The world is still yours for the taking.

leadership qualities, trying new things, embracing the new, arab perspective, blog life, really great blog
OMG that smile *cringe* where is the upper lip, but still cute.

everything 2000's in one photo

Now go out there and make your teenage dreams a reality. It's never too late to be that incredible, fearless version of yourself. Embrace the adventure, relish in the journey, and remember that it's all about having fun along the way.

Until next time, my fellow adventurers, keep dreaming, keep exploring, and keep being the main character in your own story!

With excitement and a touch of nostalgia,



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