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About You

Feeling stuck, lost, or uncertain, despite having all the resources?

Are you stuck in a cycle of coming up with big dreams, and not following through?

Are you feeling lost in life, despite having lots of opportunities, due to a lack of routine, poor time management, and feeling overwhlemed?

Are you uncertain what you want to do, but know you are destined for more?

Are you curious to discover your unique path towards success, fulfillment and purpose?

Isn't it time for you to leave your mark? Isn't it time to take care of yourself?

Take the quiz and embark on your first step toward creating the life you want to live.

Five Benefits of Having a Coach


Having a coach allows you to understand yourself and your life with no judgement, only the intention of growth and improvement.


Having a coach allows you to handle stress through creating an action plan that will not overwhelm you.


Having a coach helps you improve your confidence in making decisions & keeping


Having a coach means holding yourself accountable, being consistent and knowing your path. The 3 crucial steps to achievement and success.


Having a coach allows you to understand exactly what you want from life, and how to get it.

Most importantly, partnering with a coach helps you reach your goals quickly, effectively, and puts you in the driver's seat.

Whether you need career guidance, relationship coaching, or just want to better your life, our coach provides personalized strategies tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.



She has a skill in driving me towards where I truly want to go at the speed that I want to go at. 

The coaching sessions that I had with Bashayer allowed me to effectively navigate a difficult time in my career by re-anchoring me on my values and motivating me to make bold steps to get myself out of the difficult situation I was in.

I was employed in a company where I was not happy about the role or the environment. Although the demand for my time was extremely high, so I was unable to get myself out of it. The coaching sessions pushed me to focus on what actually mattered (which I defined as my happiness). Accordingly, we took smart safe manageable steps which has entirely solved the situation. I am now employed in a new company, in an environment I’m happy in, and in a role I’m enjoying. Every step of the transitionary period was tough – from accepting that it was the right time to move on, to how to navigate the transition, to where should I go, and how to evaluate whether I would be happy there, to actually setting a great impression and achieving in the new opportunity.

Bashayer was able to masterfully navigate the situation, seriously top coaching material, while allowing me to define the path that I really wanted to take. She has a skill in driving me towards where I truly want to go at the speed that I want to go at. The timeboxing of the goals enabled an increased push (which honestly I wouldn’t have achieved otherwise). I greatly appreciated my coaching sessions with her and look forward to her achieving great things in her career. Best executive coach ever! -Ibrahim 

The personal growth I have had to become more confident in my public speaking has been fantastic

I loved the Rapport I had with Bashayer  and I enjoyed every session. Bashayer was great in moving me forward to my goal. It was great to explore all the ideas I came up with and I felt so safe in the sessions, we had together. The personal growth I have had to become more confident in my public speaking has been fantastic and building my workshops to deliver them. A very kind person and always listen to me.

Would work with you again at a later date. I have moved forward in so many different ways. Best career coach, especially if you are looking to work with a career coach for women. Bashayer also got me to sort my ideas on what I wanted to work on first so I got a lot more done thank you. -HL Smith

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