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Hello are you there? Finding clients in the Middle East.

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Now that I am qualified, its time to get out of the safety and security of working on getting certified and into the scary and very real world, of getting clients! Life coaching has always been seen as "nice to have", "oh wow, you do life coaching good for you" end of conversation type of thing. So imagine how life coaching is perceived in the #middleeast or even better in the #gcc. (It's not perceived as anything important or needed for that matter.) Executive coaching on the other hand; so helpful, so useful and so plentiful, even my dad had an executive coach in the early 00's. But life coaching, out of all my social networks in Dubai and Kuwait, only a handful have life coaches. Why is that?

A very cute dog looking for clients
Hello is anyone there?

Why do we view executive coaching, coaching yourself to get ahead in your career so important. Yet life coaching, investing in yourself to get a better understanding of what you want from life not as important?

Shouldn't getting ahead in life be a priority? Shouldn't investing in yourself, and taking the time to really ask yourself what you want emotionally, socially be as important or even more so? Why not take the time, and ask yourself when was the last time I pursued my dreams, when was the last time I took a break and focused on something that made me happy. When was the last time I chose a goal that was beneficial to me and my family instead of beneficial to the bottom line of company x. Take this time, or take this article as a sign, to enlighten yourself and grow for yourself. Invest in you for the simple reason of you wanting to be a bit more happier. You are worth it, and your wants, dreams and "imagine if I could"s are not nice to have, but a priority.

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