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30, Flirty, and Thriving: Lessons from starting a Coaching Practice

Starting a coaching practice at 30 was hard, coming to the realization that I needed to take a risk and focus on my calling as a coach sucked (tbh). Now, nearly two years later, I am so thankful. I wanted to use this blog as a way of self-reflection, because I know my future self is going to read this and say damn, look at where I am now. (And wow I was so smart back then and skinny wow wow) *jokes*

So lets reflect on the invaluable lessons I've learned along this awesome journey. I hope the lessons will resonate with you and provide guidance, just as they have for me.

Just do and go, don't perfect

The title literally proved my point. I initially wrote "Just do and go, don't prefect" and continued. Then, when I did a read through, I saw the spelling mistake and fixed it. So just do and go, don't perfect. This has been an incredibly challenging yet invaluable lesson, particularly because I have a strong inclination towards perfectionism. I have no issue spending two weeks choosing the exact right color, but that pursuit of perfection becomes a never ending cycle: after the perfect color, there's the perfect logo, and then the perfect look. But here's the truth - perfection doesn't exist.

What you end up doing are useless changes, that no one gets to see, and you realize after 1 year, you still haven't started. So, just do it, move on, and sooner or later you'll see if it works or if there is a mistake that needs fixing.

Here are some examples:

My website:

My first before and after ( I was so proud of myself..)

and where I am now:

My Instagram posts:

Before, literally what?

After, who is she?

If I hadn't started, I would have never realized what needed fixing. Think Agile methodology: Agile is all about taking action, making progress, and adapting as you go. It's like diving into a pool without worrying about the perfect splash—you just jump right in!

You can always go back

Don't worry about making mistakes or taking a detour. Remember, you can always revisit, revise, and make improvements along the way. Especially when you are uncertain, do it and then revisit 9 times out of 10 your future self will thank you for taking the risk!

Stay authentic

Be true to yourself and your vision. Embrace your unique voice, ideas, and perspective. Authenticity adds a special touch to your work. It really took me a while to understand that faking it and trying to be this cool, collected, coach took away my realness, and made it very hard for people to relate. Also the people that were relating were NOT the people I wanted to work with.*no offense* My voice and authenticity has become the BEST filter and all my clients are amazing go getters that love to have fun and work hard! *and love being their true selves*

Understand the main goal

Keep the big picture in mind. Understand the ultimate objective and align your efforts towards achieving it. It helps you stay focused and make informed decisions. Whenever you aren't sure what to do remember your goal. This is why it is so important to be specific with your goal, what exactly do you want to achieve, when do you want to achieve it, how would you like it done. Spend time creating the perfect goal, because on the days you aren't sure what to do, your goal will guide you. * Trust me*

Don't be afraid to ask questions

Curiosity is key! Ask questions when you need clarification or seek guidance. It's a valuable way to learn, grow, and collaborate with others. Ask people what they think, get feedback. Ask people about their experiences gain insight. Always ask and keep that ego in check, to be the best you need to understand others have strengths you need to learn from!

Have fun with it

Inject joy and passion into your work. Embrace creativity, explore new ideas, and enjoy the process. You will be doing this full time, if it isn't what you enjoy that motivation will slowly slip away and the steps you take to your office will be the heaviest. So make sure your startup aligns with your interests and values, and infuse your work with excitement and enthusiasm. This enjoyment will become your best motivation, driving you forward even when faced with walls and challenges. When you truly enjoy what you're building, the steps towards your office will feel lighter, and the journey itself will be an adventure filled with growth, fulfillment, and success.

Understand when to listen, and when to put your headphones on

Recognize the importance of listening to feedback and being fully present in conversations or situations that require your attention. However, also be mindful of when it's necessary to prioritize your own focus productivity and VISION. Sometimes, putting on your metaphorical headphones and tuning out distractions, and unasked for advice and opinions *okay shady lady* can help you concentrate and accomplish tasks effectively.

If in doubt work it out

When uncertainty arises, don't let it paralyze you. Instead, take proactive steps to work through the doubt. Break down the problem into smaller, manageable tasks, seek guidance or advice if needed, and take action to gain clarity. By actively working through doubts and challenges, you can move forward and find solutions, fostering personal growth and achievement. In simpler terms, if you freak out look at your to do list, and do the next thing. No thought just action.

These are just a few lessons off the top of my head, but probably the most important one is to always embrace the mindset of continuous learning. Stay open to new ideas, insights, and perspectives. Celebrate your wins with happiness and gratitude, acknowledging the progress you've made. And when faced with failures or setbacks, view them as incredible learning experiences that will ultimately contribute to your growth and success.

Remember, every step you take on this journey, is an opportunity to evolve, improve, and create something FANTASTICAL. So stay open, keep learning, and embrace both the wins, challenges and failures with enthusiasm. Your journey is going to be long but fulfilling, trust me, I am still on mine.


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